Universal College of Aviation is one of the premier Aviation colleges in Kannur, Kerala. We offer 1-year aviation courses for students who have completed their +2 or degree and enable them to land a lucrative job in a jiffy. We are fully equipped to deliver whatever it takes to help students succeed in the airport management courses and hospitality industry. 25 years after its inception, the institute has evolved into an epitome of excellence in education. We take immense pride in our horde of successful students who decorate many prestigious aviation offices worldwide.We provide the best airport management course for all students.
Our world-class curriculum, extremely talented faculty and affordable fees make us the best aviation colleges in Kannur,Kerala.

Our Vision

Airport management courses Our vision is to rebrand the Institute as a new platform of education which is counted in terms of quality not merely in the quantity that it offers. We envision making educational programs that inspire, nurtures abilities and fuels creativity; such that the young people aspiring to contribute to the aviation, airport management, hospitality and tourism industry would find sanctum in our institute. We have already established the Institute as one of the best aviation colleges in Kannur, Kerala and now we aim to establish it to be the best in the country.

Our Mission

aviation colleges in Kannur,Kerala
  • To guide, train and empower students by augmenting their abilities and talents to tackle this competitive industry and to find success in it.
  • To impart the right education and training to make our students successful entrepreneurs and employable individuals.
  • To provide a rigorous aviation educational program, preparing students for unlimited opportunities the field offers.
  • Md's Message

    We discern that a great responsibility is vested on us as an educational institute; therefore we adhere to our mission which is to impart quality education. We strictly comply with the industry standards and leave no stone unturned in providing quality education to our students. Ever since the inception of this college, we have been striving hard to ameliorate and transform the aviation education in Kerala. We muster the support of a dedicated team of faculty members, who wholeheartedly put their efforts to educate our students and to lead them to success. If you have the aviation industry as your goal, trust us to take you there.
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    Managing Director