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Are you looking for an interesting career path after 12th? Do you have a child or friend looking to decide their future?

Well, it’s essential to know the real truth of travel and tourism courses that is attracting more students every year.

Private and Government institutions offer a variety of travel and tourism courses. From travel management, hospitality management, tour management, taking care of tourists and more, there are a ton lot of opportunities in this field.

Jotting down the opportunities for your benefit.

1. Infinite opportunities:

Being a worldwide industry, the skills that you obtain from college are easily transferable. It is up to you if you want to combine work with travel. The world will now be an open platter for students with a career in tourism.

2. Creative and people oriented:

The add-on with tourism jobs is that you get to be creative and the job requires to be on your feet at all times has a crucial part to play, making sure that clients have an enriching experience. The real feedback happens when people go back home to spread the word.


With travel and tourism courses in Kerala, chances are there are wide ranges of jobs that no student will get stuck in one niche. The courses in this field open up your career prospects as Tourist Guide, Travel Consultant, Tour Manager, Adventure Sports Activity Manager, Event and Conference Manager, Holiday rep, Cabin Crew, Passenger ground services – the list doesn’t end.

Salary in Travel & Tourism

Salary like always is an important question and we are not going to shy away from that. According to one’s education, work ex and skill, a student after passing out can earn a starting salary between 20-25k rupees per month.

This is also very much dependent on the type of organizations that takes you in with the increase in experience, individuals can make as much as 35-40K that you may gain with more experience.

Real skills that you need to develop or you gain to be successful in travel & tourism courses in Kerala – Resourcefulness, Business skills, Appreciation of tourist destinations.

A professional degree will always be of good help, but with the right attitude, passion and interest one can make a promising career in the sector of Travel & Tourism.

Universal College of Aviation is one of the premier institutes that offer the finest courses of Travel & Tourism.