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Build your career with IATA aviation courses

What is IATA?

Before we go about sugarcoating the importance of IATA and the luxurious and illustrious life and career IATA Aviation courses offers, it would be better to know a little about International Air Transport Association. Yes, that’s what IATA expands to, and the wondersome opportunities it enhances to.

International Air Transport Association – IATA formed in April 1945 is a trade association of the airlines, with HQ in Montreal, Canada and regional offices all over representing 117 countries with more than 278 airlines.

Whoa, that’s a lot. Nonetheless, IATA now is the successor to International Air Traffic Association and monitors about 83% of total air traffic globally.

What do they do actually?

This entity set by the government decides who flies where, how much a consumer should incur, paying heed to their interests with the main priority on factors like Safety, Security, Simplifying the business and Environment.
IATA serves, leads and represents airline industry under clearly defined policies and rules.

Range of IATA training and their courses?

Nothing but the opportunity to magnify your success. Yes, that’s what IATA offers.
Committed to training thousands of aviation professionals and businesses, IATA offers flexible training in classrooms, in-company and distance learning.
The portfolio for IATA training ranges from air navigation services, airline business management, airline operations and quality, airport planning, operations and management, aviation performance management, cargo, civil aviation authorities, dangerous goods regulation, environment, fares and ticketing.

Phew, let’s take a breather.

And ground operations, safety, security, travel and tourism, ground operations, law and regulations and finance and accounting. This industry employs around 63 million people and if that doesn’t convince you to choose a career in aviation then you are about to know the importance of these courses.

Benefits of IATA Aviation courses

Part of the Fastest Growing Industry: If you don’t already know that, aviation is one of the prime and ‘ready to conquer industries’ in the world employing millions of people in the world it is the boon for aspiring professionals.
Aviation and travel industry has maintained to advance its growth enticing travellers around the world across sections like medical, leisure, business etc. Clearly, Aviation courses is one of the most exciting industries to be in, both as an aspiring student and as a corporate.

Career Opportunity: Yes, an industry of such magnitude is service based and really wide and constantly depends on human resources. So there are an infinite amount of opportunities for the kind of role you are searching for. From operational to the management level one will find diverse opportunities and career growth. The scope in the aviation industry expands to Airlines, Art & Culture and Assisting services, Hotels & Food, Conferences and Ecotourism.
Aviation is one of those prime careers driven sector that provides an array of promising opportunities. The onus is on you to stay smart, stay driven and choose the best aviation institute that will help you make the right. To enable you to do this, enrol with Universal College of Aviation as the curriculum they offer will surely set you for life.

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